Released November 26, 2019

Trolley connects the creativity of the ‘60s with the energy of the spectacular now. Since 1995, the Milwaukee-located band has released a series of albums built from the best elements of psychedelia and punk, classic pop and the hard driving beat of the Mod era.

Their 2016 album Caught In The Darkness continues the tradition of mining sonic gold from the past and shaping it into a set of timeless original songs. In preparation for creating their fifth album, in 2017 Trolley recorded songs for a couple tribute albums for some of their heroes: Matthew Sweet (“Quiet Her”) and The Knack (“Just Wait & See”).

New single, the Paisley Underground-esque “I’ll Never Tell,” arrives today and will be followed by their fifth full length album, The Carnival Of Grey and White, in 2020.

The Big Takeover is pleased to host the premiere of “I’ll Never Tell,” a direct and measured pace number rife with emphatic drum strikes, sporadic tambourine jangle, light organ press, and wiry, but shining guitar angles. Running with an active bass line, the vocals are sharp and emotive, and at times bolstered by subdued harmonies.