Trolley connects the creativity of the ‘60s with the energy of now. Since 1995, the Milwaukee band has released a series of albums built from the best elements of psychedelia and punk, classic pop and the hard driving beat of the Mod era. Their 2016 CD, Caught In The Darkness, continues the tradition of mining gold from the past and shaping it into a set of timeless original songs.

“Trolley manage to evoke the best moments from ’60s and ’70s pop culture and blend them into what could be some of the best amphetamine fuelled melodic guitar pop you’ll hear his year…It really is that good.”
Shindig! Magazine

Trolley’s 2014 album, Things That Shine And Glow, garnered attention from Little Steven’s Underground Garage syndicated radio show featuring the song “I Woke Up” as the show’s “Coolest Song In The World” and was on heavy rotation on it’s Sirius XM station.

“Someone alert Little Steven, immediately!”
The Big Takeover

“ ..a collection of original yet instantly familiar songs that seem effortlessly plucked from the power pop either.”
Onion A.V. Club

“Trolley has given Milwaukee good (sometimes great) Anglophilic rock without much recognition elsewhere. Never before has that felt more unjust as it does now with the release of Things That Shine And Glow, a dizzying masterful,  14 track homage to 1960s rock.”
Milwaukee Magazine